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A small note on how Replika AI : Avatar Art feature works.

Avatar AI uses a Neural Network Model Stable Diffusion that allows users to generate personalized AI Avatars (“Avatars”).

  1. Users upload 10 to 20 photos and select their gender.

  1. Using these data, a copy of the Stable Diffusion model is retrained to personalize the model

  1. After the model copy is retrained, it generates the Avatars

  1. After the Avatars are generated, the copy of the model, along with uploaded photos, are deleted permanently from our servers

  1. We do not use your Personal Data to generally train and/or create our separate artificial intelligence/products.

We do our best to moderate the parameters of the Stable Diffusion model, however, it is still possible that you may encounter content that you may see as inappropriate for you.

We also encourage you to get acquainted with our Terms of Use to understand how we provide services to you.



How long are my photos stored on your servers?

Images uploaded to the app to generate AI Avatars are automatically deleted from our servers after your avatars are created.




We may collect several types of information, including but not limited to Personal Data, from and about you:

  • Directly from you when you provide it to us.

  • Automatically when you Use AI AVATAR. Information collected automatically may include Usage details and internet protocol (“IP”) addresses.

  • From third parties, for example, our Service Providers (as defined below).

  • Face Data: We train or AI model with the face data that you provide us as photos.

  • By using the Face Data, our model is retrained to personalize the model for you.

  • We do not share your Face Data with any third parties.

  • Your Face Data is not retained in our servers after the model is trained and your avatars are created. Your uploaded photos including the face data, are deleted permanently from our servers.




When you Use AI AVATAR, you usually provide to us certain information, including your Personal Data:

  • Photos and (or) videos that you upload to AI AVATAR, for example to use the Magic Avatars feature. Please note that we always delete all metadata that may be associated with your photos and (or) videos by default (including, for example, geotags) before temporarily storing them to our systems.Some editing features may use TrueDepth API (developed by Apple) technologies that provide information about facial position, orientation, and topology. Such information is used only on-device and is never stored on our servers. For more information about TrueDepth API processing of your photos and videos, you may visit the following link. We can access your photos and videos only after you grant us permission to access your camera or your devices’ photo library. You provide such a permission through the request that appears on your mobile device (it may differ depending on your device operating system). You may revoke permission to access your camera or photo library through the settings on your mobile device, and here’s how to do it.If you use an iOS device:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad open the Settings app.

  1. Scroll down and tap “Privacy”.

  1. Tap “Camera” or “Photos”.

  1. Next to AI AVATAR, toggle the permissions switching on or off.

If you use an Android device:

  1. On your device open the Settings app.

  1. Tap “Apps”.

  1. Tap “AI AVATAR”. If you can’t find it, tap “See all apps”. Then, choose AI AVATAR.

  1. Tap “Permissions”.

  1. To change a permission setting, tap it, then choose “Allow” or “Don’t allow”.

  • Information about your gender: When you use our Magic Avatars feature, we ask you about your gender. This information is used by the AI model solely to generate the Avatars in accordance with the indicated gender: for example, if you choose to identify your gender as a female, then you will receive conventionally more feminine-like Avatars.

  • Your email: When you create an account with AI AVATAR, we ask you to provide your email that will be further used for your sign-in process.

  • If you contact us, records, copies of your correspondence with us and contact details that you have provided us while making your inquiries (such as your name, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers or any other identifier by which you may be contacted online or offline), in order to investigate your concerns, respond to your inquiries and to monitor and improve our responses to your and other users inquiries in relation to AI AVATAR.




When you Use AI AVATAR, we may automatically collect certain data about you. This data is needed for operation of AI AVATAR and, among others, may be used for in-app analytics or marketing purposes. The data we collect automatically includes:

  • Device information: Information about your mobile device and internet connection, including your IP address, the device’s unique device identifier, operating system, and mobile network information.

  • Usage details: Details of your Use of AI AVATAR, including frequency of Use, areas and features of the application that you access and engagement with particular features. This information is used for in-app event analytics and, upon your consent, for marketing purposes.

  • (If you have provided your consent) IDFA or Android Advertising ID, whichever is applicable to your device. If you want to disable the collection of IDFA and/or Android Advertising ID by AI AVATAR, please follow the instructions below.If you use an iOS device:

  1. Go to Privacy settings to see a list of apps that request to track your activity. On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking.

  1. Tap to turn off or turn on permission to track for AI AVATAR.

If you use an Android device:

  1. Open Settings app

  1. Navigate to “Privacy” > “Ads”

  1. Tap “Delete Advertising ID”

  1. Tap it again on the next page to confirm.

  • Details about your in-app purchases. This data is used to provide you with the Services and for our in-app analytics.

Such automatically collected data helps us operate AI AVATAR and improve it to deliver better service, including but not limited to enabling us to estimate our audience size, and understand how you use AI AVATAR and what you like and dislike the most.

The technologies we use for automatic data collection may include:

We use third-party analytics tools, such as Google Firebase, Meta, AppsFlyer and Amplitude, to help us measure traffic and usage trends for AI AVATAR. These tools collect information via third-party analytics software development kits incorporated into AI AVATAR, which includes your pseudonymised user ID and the information about AI AVATAR web pages you visit when following the links available to you on AI AVATAR, your actions in AI AVATAR application and basic information about the type of subscription you have. We collect and use this analytics information in an aggregated manner with analytics information from other ssers so that it cannot reasonably be used to identify any particular user. For information on how third party analytics tools collect and process your data and to opt out of such collection and processing, generated by your Use of AI AVATAR.



We care about your privacy. With this in mind, most processing activities occur on your device only. There are, however, two exceptions to it: when you apply Art Styles to your photos and when you generate Avatars, since these functions require sophisticated computing resources to be performed.

  • Art Styles. To apply Art Styles, you have to upload your original photo to AI AVATAR. At this point, your photo is stored on our servers (provided by Amazon Web Services (USA)). It is needed for your convenience so that you don’t have to re-upload the original photo every time to apply any new Art Style. This also helps you spend less Internet traffic and makes the processing of Art Styled photos faster. We store your original photo on our servers for no longer than 24 hours. After 24 hours your original photo is deleted.

  • Magic Avatars. In order to generate Magic Avatars, you have to upload 10-20 photos to AI AVATAR. At this point, your photos are stored on our servers (provided by Amazon Web Services (USA)). Then, a copy of the Stable Diffusion model is created to be retrained with your photos to personalize the model and to create your Avatars. Immediately after the successful generation of Avatars, your original photos are deleted from our servers. Your purchased Avatars are stored on our servers so that they remain accessible to you in AI AVATAR at any time and from any device until you decide to delete them.

You can also always request us to delete your photos or Avatars by contacting us at

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary elsewhere in this Privacy Policy:

  • We do not use photos, videos or Avatars to identify any individual user.

  • We do not use your photos, videos or Avatars for authentication, advertising, or marketing purposes, or to otherwise target a user in a similar manner.

  • We do not use your photos, videos or Avatars to build a user profile, or otherwise attempt, facilitate, or encourage third parties to identify anonymous users or reconstruct user profiles based on your photos, videos or Avatars.

  • We do not transfer, share, sell, or otherwise provide your photos, videos or Avatars to advertising platforms, analytics providers, data brokers, information resellers or other such parties.



We use your information other than photos and videos for the following purposes:

  • To carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us in relation to AI AVATAR (e.g., the Terms of Use).

  • To provide you with support and to respond to your inquiries. If you share your Personal Data (including your name and contact information) to ask a question about AI AVATAR, we will use that Personal Data to investigate your concerns, respond to your inquiries and to monitor and improve our responses to your and other users inquiries in relation to AI AVATAR. It is our legitimate interest to provide you with high-quality support.

  • To notify you about changes to AI AVATAR or any products or services we offer or provide through AI AVATAR, including by sending you technical notices, notices about your account/subscription, including expiration and renewal notices, updates, security alerts and support and administrative messages, which we may send through an in-app or a push notification (you may opt-out of push notifications by changing the settings on your mobile device). It is our legitimate interest to keep you updated on your use of AI AVATAR.

  • To present to you and others with AI AVATAR and its contents and any other information, products or services that you request from us. We do so to provide you with the services according to our contractual obligation.

  • To monitor aggregated metrics such as total number of users, traffic, and demographic patterns (including via Service Providers as specified in Section 7). It is our legitimate interest to make aggregated analytics of our audience as it helps us understand our business metrics and improve our product.

  • To provide, improve, test, and monitor the effectiveness of AI AVATAR in an aggregated manner. It is our legitimate interest to make analytics of our audience as it helps us understand our product and business metrics.

  • When you choose to use the AI Avatars feature, you provide your gender identification, which is used to retrain the separate copy of the Stable Diffusion model to generate Avatars based on your particular photos. It is our contractual obligation to ensure that we provide you with the requested service. This data is deleted immediately after the Avatars are successfully generated.

  • In order to apply Art Styles, for you to use them faster and more conveniently, we store your original photo for 24 hours. After 24 hours your original photo will be deleted.

  • To provide personalized content and information to you in relation to AI AVATAR, which could include online ads or other forms of marketing (including via email). We do so upon your explicit consent.

  • Upon users’ consent, for marketing purposes in order to find audiences similar to our users. For this processing we share, among others, users’ Use details, device information, and in-app purchase details with our third-party advertising partners.

  • In any other way, as described in this Privacy Policy.

We will not process your Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with the purposes for which it has been collected or authorized by you in accordance with this Section 5 or collect any Personal Data that is not required for the mentioned purposes (“purpose limitation principle”).

For any new purpose of processing that is not compatible with any of the purposes mentioned above, we will ask for your separate explicit consent.

To the extent necessary for any of the processing purposes, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Data is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete and current. We also undertake to collect only such amount and types of your Personal Data that are strictly required for the purposes mentioned in this Section 5 (“data minimization principle”).

The Company cares about personal information and data security and takes care to take all necessary measures in this regard. By using the application, users accept, declare and undertake that they will act in accordance with the provisions of this confidentiality agreement. This confidentiality agreement will be considered together with the terms of use agreement and will be valid for all applications of the company.

1. Protection of user data and ensuring privacy are among the fundamental principles of the company.

2. The information provided by the users to use the application and the data accessed through the application will not be used for purposes other than those specified in the terms of use and privacy policy.

3. The company has the right to access the communication instruments specified by the user while registering for the application or updated later, for notification, campaign, marketing, communication and other purposes, unless the company has a written request to the contrary.

4. The company has the right to access the content that the user shares with the application, and this right will be used with third parties only in cases specified in the terms of use and privacy policy. Otherwise, user data and information will not be shared with third parties.

5. In order to identify the problems related to the system in the application and to solve the possible problems that may arise in the Application immediately, the Company may record the IP address of the Users, the information registered in the social network user account, and use these records for the purposes specified in the terms of use and privacy policy. These IP addresses can be used by the Company to define its users and visitors in general and to collect demographic data in a comprehensive way.

Data Kinds

6. The types of data we collect are classified in 2 different categories. "Personal data" and "Anonymous data". Personal Data is the set of information that enables users to be identified and data provides access to user identity. Anonymous Data means data that is not related to personal information and refers to information that alone does not allow the user to be identified. The collection of personal and anonymous data is provided in 4 ways.

1-Information directly provided by Users;

I. Personal data you use to create your account when logging into the application.

II. Data that is required by the application or can be accessed as a result of the service.

III. The e-mail address and contents you use when you send us e-mails.

IV. Data obtained as a result of participating in any survey that we may conduct, related to our application or regardless of the application you use.

V. All data associated with the application, which the user-specified company can access.

2-Information collected through technology;

I. Our servers can collect the type of your mobile device or computer, the information of your mobile application and browser, your IP address and related technological information and data. This information includes data such as domain name, time of entering application and how use of the application.

II. The websites you visit can save small information on your computer or phone and then read that information when you visit the same site. The files in which this small information is saved are called cookies or definition information. Our application can access cookie data.

3-Information collected from you about others;

I. Our users can send an application invitation to their friends through the application. In such cases, we can access the invited person's information. In this way, they can request the deletion of the data of the users or third parties whose data we have accessed.

4-Information collected through other platforms;

I. We can provide information and data flow from other platforms for the purposes of strengthening our application and advertising. The owners of the data obtained in this way can request the deletion of their data.

Data Usage

7. Generally speaking, the use of data is used to respond to requests from you and to provide better service;

a. Performing membership transactions.

b. Improving the services offered, developing new services and informing about them.

c. Promotion and marketing of application goods / products and services in line with the preference and liking of the Member Customer by remarketing, targeting, profiling and analysis in line with the express consent of the users.

d. Resolving user problems and complaints.

e. Follow-up of accounting and purchasing transactions.

f. Providing information and process security and preventing malicious use.

8. The information obtained within the scope of the application can be used by the company and other collaborating persons and institutions without revealing the identity of the User in any way, only for various statistical evaluations, authorized marketing, database creation efforts and market research.

9. The collected data can be shared with our affiliated companies, in case of a company merger or acquisition, sharing can be provided with the company with which the partnership has been entered.

10. The company can provide links to other sites within the application, publish advertisements of third parties with whom it has an agreement with the Company, and direct users to the site of advertisers or contracted third parties through advertisements. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and policies of other Applications accessed via this link or the content they host. The user is bound by the own privacy policy of those sites.

11. The following situations will constitute exceptions to the privacy policy, and within these cases, the collected personal and anonymous data can be shared with 3rd parties.

a. In cases where the legal and legal regulations require data sharing.

b. In cases where information about the Users is requested in line with a research or investigation conducted by the authorized administrative or judicial authorities in accordance with the procedural method.

c. In cases where it is necessary to provide information to protect user rights and security.

d. In case of any crime detection, violations of rights against the institution or third parties, detection of illegal works and transactions, and the existence of actions that cause damage in the business and transaction area of the Company.

Choice of Use of Personal Data

12. Users have a choice regarding the use of personal data.

13. The company can send promotional e-mails regarding the service, product or news bulletins received. Users have the right not to want to receive such e-mails. In this case, they can send an e-mail to the specified e-mail address or choose the option not to receive e-mail.

14. Changes to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be notified to our users by e-mail or similar communication instruments. In this type of notification, the communication preference of users will not be taken into account.

15. Users have the right to use and update their personal data as they wish.

Right to Information about the User's Personal Data Use

16. The rights of the users on the processed personal data are as follows;

a. Learning whether personal data is processed or not

b. Requesting information if personal data has been processed

c. Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose

d. Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing to. 

e. To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad

f. Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

17. The Company takes care to keep the confidential information provided to it private and confidential, to ensure and maintain confidentiality and to prevent the disclosure of all or any part of the confidential information to the public or unauthorized use and disclosure to a third party, and to take all measures.

18. The company works to provide the required standard and care regarding confidentiality. In this respect, users should use the applications and services offered carefully, and they should not share the application access tools with third parties and should not use carelessly in public areas.

19. The risks that may occur on the internet platform should be taken into consideration. The user should be careful and attentive in any personal data shared. The company does not guarantee 100% protection in any way. The user should be aware of this risk while using the application.

20. The Company will not be liable in case of data loss and disclosure of data that may arise from third parties, the platform it uses or user negligence. The user must show due diligence and accept the risks that may arise.

Right to Change Privacy Policy

21. The company may renew or revise its privacy policy within certain periods in order to provide better service and protection of security. These renewals will be valid for our users as of the date of publication.


22. TikReports application cooperates with Google Firebase in its products and services.

23. The user has explicit permission for the TikReports application to provide products and services by cooperating with Google Firebase.

24. In this context, Google Firebase's usage agreement, privacy policy and all other additional agreements of Google Firebase application will be reviewed in case of situations and events not specified in the TikReports terms of use and privacy policy.


25. For all your questions, opinions, suggestions, objections and complaints about the privacy policy, the use, collection, disclosure and sharing of personal information with third parties, you can contact us directly via e-mail address. 

Privacy Policy: Metin
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